Monday, September 1, 2008

Wild Pair crotch boots sell for $430.50!

Even without better pictures, these size 8.5 Wild Pair crotch boots sold for an amazing $430.50! Even more interesting was that they were listed like this with no mention of of being thigh or crotch-high: THE WILD PAIR FASHION BOOTS SIZE 8 1/2 B WOMEN USED.

When I see these boots fetch prices like this, I'm tempted to put my size 9's up for auction considering how little I get to wear them. I found the selling price especially interesting as I was considering purchasing an iPod Touch 32gb model, which would have set me back about $432.

So why do I keep these boots when they have great resale value on eBay?!

They're made of thick, luscious leather which is rarely found in most boots. Their crotch-height definitely makes them the tallest of any boots I've owned (except for chap boots, which I've decided are impractical). Worn cuffed, they're still thigh-high. Worn uncuffed, they make you feel sooo sexy and powerful. Granted, I'd like spikier heels, but the rest of the boot's style makes up for that. Not having a zipper, they can also be difficult to pull off, but the zipper-less style makes for much cleaner lines.

I also take great satisfaction in the fact that I snatched these up using Buy It Now for $50 plus shipping! That, and the boots have some history, as the seller told me that the only time she wore them was to a Halloween party here in KC!

Okay, I think I'll keep these boots for awhile.